Before You Buy ... Compare Us To The Competition

Nu-Air’s unique perspective, values and sizeable long-term investments in research and development have enabled it to build innovation into every aspect of every unit.  Nu-Air innovations include:

Precise dampering controls

Precise dampering controls enable Nu-Air to eliminate the over and under ventilation problems that are common and persistent, especially in high rise buildings.  Over and under ventilation problems are commonly reported with other integrated units available in the marketplace, and especially prevalent when contractors are forced to integrate components from different vendors on-site.  The problems reported in these situations become even more extreme in the high rise market.  Nu-Air units:

  • Prevent over-ventilation, which is a major problem with competitor products because they do not have precise control over exhaust and fresh air volumes, which increases operating costs and reduces comfort; and/or
  • Prevent limited ventilation, by using large HRV cores and fully integrating all elements of each unit, improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Enhanced energy efficiency due to the fact that Nu-Air utilizes a:

  • Highly energy efficiency motor, which can reduce total household energy consumption by 25%, according to a CMHC study on Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM);
  • Unique damper system allows for the unit to automatically defrost during the heat cycle using the same single fan.  Competitor units require a separate call for heat which uses heat unnecessarily; and
  • Large sized core which reduces fan noise to a minimum, increases the efficiency of heat recovery, and reduces power consumption. Each being a significant benefit relative to Nu-Air’s competition.

Easy installation

Easy installation prevents problems and reduces on-site labour costs by:

  • Making hook-up points easy to see and access;
  • Enabling tool-free and self-explanatory hook-ups; and
  • Using either traditional duct work or the increasingly common new standard, high velocity (or high pressure) duct systems.

Reduced unit weight

Reduced unit weight, half that of the closest competitor, reduces costs by:

  • Limiting on-site labour to one person rather than two, enabling installers to save as much as $400 of on-site labour per unit (thanks also to Nu-Air’s easy installation); and
  • Cutting shipping costs.

Multi-Purposed Equipment

All equipment within each unit is multi-purposed by integrating functionality in a manner that achieves multi-use of components.  For example, new Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) allow for infinitely variable air flow between 100 – 1,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm), enabling one motor to be used for both HRV (@100 cfm) and heat (@1,000 cfm).

Efficient, effective and reliable – Once you compare you will know why Nu-Air is a ventilation industry leader.