NEW! Have a look at ES Lumina wall control (p/n NAV-561).

  • Lumina Product Sheet. With an attractive look, easy interface and backlit display, the Lumina matches will all ES Series units, Windsor Series units with ES boards (c. 2012 to present--look for removable control wire terminal blocks), and commercial units up to the NU1600-class! 
  • Full Control Options  (ES-T1, M1, M2, M3, M4, Lumina, Win-1, Win-20, DSTAT-1) For use with ES Series, light commercial up to NU1600. Also suitable for Windsor Series maufactured form 2012 onward.  The Win-20 timer is compatible with Enerboss air handlers built after September 2011.

Older Documents             

  • Opt-1a                            (Optima--Obsolete)                
  • DSTATK01                    (Windsor, NU145 built prior to Dec. 2011)          
  • ES-DVC Manual         (Obsolete March 2015)                                                                               
  • Win-1LC                       (NU800, NU1200, NU1600 before 2012)